Genie Lee Perron, creator of Dream Reiki®

Genie Lee Perron, BS in Ed, PCC, Author, Artist, Teacher, Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and creator of Dream Reiki ®

Genie recently moved with her family to beautiful, sunny CA from Plymouth, MA.

Genie Lee Perron is a best-selling author, artist, spiritual teacher, Professional Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation, and Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher.

Genie has been a life long teacher. She has taught in the public school system and in private pre-schools. Her love of learning and her desire to share with others led her to study Reiki in 1998. She has been a Reiki practitioner since 1998 and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2004. She’s studied with many Reiki Masters over the years, most recently receiving her Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Master training with William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Genie is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with leukemia in 2000 and lost her mother just four months later. After being told that she had 3-5 years in 2000, Genie drew upon her knowledge of Reiki and began a journey towards wellness. She knew that not only did she need to get her body back into balance physically, but also emotionally and energetically. This realization led to Genie diving deep into the mind, body, spirit connection.

After a life changing workshop with Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, Genie wrote and published her first book, “Things I Wish my Mother Had Said… (or maybe she did)”. This book is a combination of life affirming essays and original art. It was written as an affirmation of the life lessons that helped Genie survive and thrive after a scary, life threatening diagnosis.

After publishing her first book, Genie began formal coach training in 2013. She is a Professional Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. Positive Psychology is a basis for Life Coaching and so, Genie also studied Positive Psychology with Martin Seligman through an online certification program from UPenn.

Art has been a part of Genie’s life since childhood. Genie’s mother was an accomplished artist who attended Vesper George School of Art in the 1940’s. Some of Genie’s fondest memories are of sitting with her mom learning to draw faces and figures in “proper” proportion.

As an author and life coach, Genie uses art in her books and teaching to illustrate and bring life to her words. Art can be a meditative practice and Genie has found that as she paints and draws, her mind and body relax, and she can feel the deep heart and soul connection she has with her mom in spirit.

Check out Genie’s books: “Things I Wish My Mother Had Said … or maybe she did”, “Swirlie and the Magic Dream Maker”, and “Swirlie and her Inner Spark”.

Genie’s fourth book and third children’s book, “Penelope’s Journey to Find Happiness…” is due for release by Dec 2020.

Genie is the creator and founder of Dream Reiki ®, a powerful combination of life coaching and Reiki. Dream Reiki ® can be done remotely by phone and is offered as a 1:1 private session. Online group Dream Reiki ® sessions are coming soon via Zoom!

You can listen to Genie weekly on her radio show/podcast. “Love Your Life” on Shows are also available for free on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Genie’s Coronado White Dog Series of paintings is available at the Emerald C Gallery in Coronado, CA.

To find out more about Genie and her work and to stay updated about upcoming books and events as well as to learn more about Dream Reiki ®, please visit her website: and be sure to like her author page on Facebook